BRAYCES’ Smile-Worthy Technologies Create Outstanding Orthodontic Outcome

Remember getting dental impressions as a kid? – your hygienist telling you to hold your breath as you sucked down on a tray full of goo and tried not to swallow, flinch, or gag? #GoodTimes – and we’re glad they’re gone. Dental technology has brought us some great inventions, and we love our iTero scanner, which lets us get a 3D model of patients’ mouths in minutes – without the goo. We can project a digital model of your treatment outcome as part of your initial visit, and get you on started on your new smile the same day. And, with Invisalign® clear aligners, treatment has never been so easy or convenient – aligners are a discreet way to straighten teeth, and, unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are removable (so you can eat popcorn! And floss! And smile like you mean it!).

Drs. Bray and Tarby, of BRAYCES Orthodontics, have a combined 40+ years of experience in treating orthodontic patients. They are specialists in the dental field, having completed additional training in orthodontics, and are Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. Moreover, BRAYCES is in the Top 1% of Invisalign Providers in the U.S., giving you confidence in our expertise. No doubt you’ve seen DIY aligners – but #PinterestFails are cute for cupcakes, and less than lovely for your health, face, and smile.

Leave your tooth-transformation to our experts – we provide caring, professional service and personalized treatment plans to each and every patient. We pride ourselves on making sure that you are thrilled with your experience.

To schedule a complimentary consultation and see your great new grin, give us a call at 1-877-BRAYCES or visit We’ll make you smile!

The Benefits of Teen Braces

A great, straight smile has obvious benefits – improved aesthetic, improved self-esteem and confidence. But did you know that orthodontic treatment – braces or aligner therapy – has other value?

“Orthodontic treatment fixes problems with the alignment of the upper and lower jaws as well as problems with the spacing of teeth,” say Dr. Robert Tarby of BRAYCES Orthodontics. “This results in a better ability to chew food, can help with the alleviation of a speech impairment, and reduces the risk of injury from protruding teeth.” Professional orthodontic treatment also provides the foundation for improved oral health, making teeth easier to brush, clean, and floss, and by reducing the risks of teeth grinding. “Good oral health is an important part of overall heath,” adds Dr. Robert Bray. “We want our patients to look and feel their best, and to enjoy all the benefits of their treatment, including better oral health and a great new smile.”

The American Academy of Orthodontics recommends that patients check in with an orthodontist no later than age seven. Children this age may need early intervention to ease treatment later down the road, but many patients start treatment as teenagers. “Patients of all ages – from children to adults – can benefit from braces or aligners,” says Dr. Tarby. “Teenagers, who are still growing, particularly benefit from treatment because of the stage of life they’re in and the confidence that often comes with a winning smile. And we know that we are helping set them up for a lifetime of good oral health and confidence in their smile.”

To book an appointment for yourself or your child, call our office 609-272-9237 or make an appointment online for a complimentary consultation. No referrals needed!

Treat Yourself – from Home!

If you’ve been curious about straightening your teeth with braces or clear aligners but haven’t yet made it into our office, now might be the perfect time to learn more – right from the comfort of home!

BRAYCES Orthodontics, with offices in Wildwood and Marmora, is now offering virtual consultations. Interested patients can meet with doctors and staff by phone or video to learn more about braces or Invisalign with BRAYCES and to see if they are good candidates for orthodontic treatment.

“We always strive to offer convenient appointment options for our patients, and we are so pleased to now be able to consult with patients virtually,” says Dr. Robert Tarby. “All we need to get started are a few simple photos of your smile and your teeth, and which allow us to assess your teeth and your bite and to begin constructing a treatment plan.”

Unlike other virtual options, Dr. Tarby and his partner, Dr. Robert Bray, who both live locally, will see patients at BRAYCES offices to start treatment and as appropriate throughout the course of treatment. “We want to enable people to seek treatment in a convenient way through our virtual consultations, but also look forward to getting to know these patients in person,” says Dr. Bray.


As always, consultations are complimentary, and now you can consult with our doctors without leaving home! Visit us to schedule an appointment and submit photos, or call us at 609-272-9237 to learn more.

See you at Seven!

Your elementary-aged children are up to a lot right now – virtual learning, social distancing, and a lot of staying home. And yet life somehow still moves forward. And at BRAYCES Orthodontics, we’re moving forward too – treating patients of all ages by using popular communication and video apps. We’ve been consulting with patients, conducting virtual exams, and helping patients progress with their treatment from home.

If your seven-year-old hasn’t yet seen an orthodontist, now is the perfect time to schedule a virtual consultation. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children see an orthodontist by age 7 (or 8, if your 7-year-old has celebrated another birthday). “Parents are sometimes surprised to learn that this is an appropriate age to see an orthodontist,” says Dr. Robert Bray. “Seeing children at age 7 allows us to detect any problems or potential problems early, and implement early treatment if necessary, creating space or guiding the eruption of adult teeth,” he adds.

“We are able to learn a lot from a video chat,” say Dr. Robert Tarby. “We’re assessing new patients, starting treatment for those who are good candidates, and managing care for our existing patients. Virtual appointments allow patients to get the care they need while staying home – and of course, we are available for emergency care when patients need it.”

Now could be the perfect time to get your 7-year-old “in” for a visit. Schedule a complimentary consultation for your child or yourself today by visiting   

Reasons to Smile in May


“SMILE! It’s the boldest statement you can make without saying a word!”

We find ourselves interacting with more and more people throughout our life, who always seem to return a favor of a smile. Smiling makes us more approachable, positive and trustworthy!  So, the next time you get the opportunity to smile, do it, and enjoy all the positivity it provides. If you’re not convinced, below are reasons you should be.


1. Smiling Boosts Your Immune System

When smiling, your body is more relaxed; this contributes to your overall health. Although they have yet to prescribe a “smile to keep the doctor away” it couldn’t hurt to try!


2. Smiling Improves Your Appearance

I’m sure most of you have heard that frowning uses more muscles than smiling and that you have to work harder to do so. Smiling is the cheapest face lift one can receive! Orbit Complete revealed that “sixty -nine percent of people find women more attractive when they smile than when they are wearing makeup!” So not only will you look more attractive, you’ll save money on makeup if you simply SMILE!


3. Smiling Reduces Stress

Stress can seem difficult to avoid at times. By smiling, you’re not only reducing your chances of stress related illnesses but you’re also helping those around you who get to witness your amazing smile! Soon smiling will be a recommendation for mediation instead of stress balls.

~Devon Appleyard~