A New Season



As the beach days are fading and the sun rays are cooling, the season starts to change. The fall season is approaching and it is time for seasons in our lives to change. This fall let’s start making more of a seasonal impact in our family, work and within ourselves. September usually starts with back to school, new jobs, new opportunities, new beginnings, and holidays. What are some ways we can make small changes to start this season off right?


When the season changes it is a great time to reflect on what you have accomplished, experienced and overcame within this season.  What were the challenges that you have overcome? What have you accomplished that you can celebrate? Share with others some experiences you had in this season that can encourage them.  Now it is time to reflect on how you can be better, what can you accomplish, and what opportunities await.  This season can be a game changer to become a better you and do greater things.


Pay it forward

This society can focus a lot on self and less on others. During the seasons to come let’s become less selfish and more selfless. What are some ways we can share love, hope, and joy to others? Who are the people in our lives that we can positively impact? It can be our children, co-workers, spouses, or friends. Love and joy are two powerful tools that can turn someone’s season of sorrow into a season of pure joy. Let’s bring life into this season by speaking positive, encouraging and helping others within our community.

Keep hope alive

This season is going from hot to now cold. There are times where we are less and less outside and more and more inside. This season can sometimes lead to depression and isolation.  Hope is what keeps us pushing forward in the tough seasons. It may not be an easy journey but with the hope of a better future, we must keep pushing forward. Encourage yourself and others to never give up the hope that the sun will shine again and your seasonal storm will soon pass. Smile when you want to frown, think positive when everyone is negative and give thanks every single day that you are alive and in a new season.

Back to Reality

As the summer season slows down and we get back into the groove of school and work, here are a few things that will help you get through the day.


1) Sleep- Make sure you get lots of rest to keep yourself energized, your mind focused, and your body healthy.


2) Stay HydratedDRINK WATER. This is something everyone should do, but it is often forgotten as we go through our busy schedule. Staying hydrated will help your body stay alert and focused.


3) Smile- Without a doubt, some days are going to be more challenging than others. Find a reason or reasons to smile and it’ll make your day better. Turn that frown upside down!


~Kimberly Tran~

Are you Crazy if You Talk to Yourself?



We have many choices in this world and one life-changing choice is whether we choose to speak positive or negative. Words are powerful tools that can bring death or life. What we speak has the power to shift a circumstance, mindset and even our health.

Define it!
Negativity is defined as words that are devaluing to oneself or others.
Positivity is defined as words that bring value to oneself or others


A mother once told me that she used to say, “my children get on my nerves.” A month later, she started to have issues with her nerves. The doctors were not sure of what caused it or what to do. She decided to see if her words were the issue of her health. She stopped saying that her children were getting on her nerves and a couple weeks later she no longer had nerve pains. What we speak can affect our lives. So how can we improve our words? How can we bring more value to ourselves and those around us?



Let’s Be Positive!
1. Identify what words are devaluing to yourself and others.

2. Start speaking out loud words that bring value to yourself.

3. Speak out five things you can be thankful for every day.

4. Encourage at least one person a day with a positive comment.

There is power in the words we speak. You are NOT crazy if you talk to yourself!

Reasons to Smile in May


“SMILE! It’s the boldest statement you can make without saying a word!”

We find ourselves interacting with more and more people throughout our life, who always seem to return a favor of a smile. Smiling makes us more approachable, positive and trustworthy!  So, the next time you get the opportunity to smile, do it, and enjoy all the positivity it provides. If you’re not convinced, below are reasons you should be.


1. Smiling Boosts Your Immune System

When smiling, your body is more relaxed; this contributes to your overall health. Although they have yet to prescribe a “smile to keep the doctor away” it couldn’t hurt to try!


2. Smiling Improves Your Appearance

I’m sure most of you have heard that frowning uses more muscles than smiling and that you have to work harder to do so. Smiling is the cheapest face lift one can receive! Orbit Complete revealed that “sixty -nine percent of people find women more attractive when they smile than when they are wearing makeup!” So not only will you look more attractive, you’ll save money on makeup if you simply SMILE!


3. Smiling Reduces Stress

Stress can seem difficult to avoid at times. By smiling, you’re not only reducing your chances of stress related illnesses but you’re also helping those around you who get to witness your amazing smile! Soon smiling will be a recommendation for mediation instead of stress balls.

~Devon Appleyard~