Grace G.

There is a friendly environment when I go. I feel comfortable and very welcome. The staff is very nice and help to make my smile perfect.

Kristen S.

BRAYCES is amazing! The staff is out of this world, so crazy nice!

Lexi H.

Everyone at BRAYCES was so friendly. They make having a retainer and headgear fun with their online rewards system! I have been noticing a very big difference already!

Kaelan H.

Very professional, friendly, warm and their staff is one of the best!!

Kristie E.

Just finished my treatment and am so happy with my smile. Staff was always friendly and professional. Overall great experience!

Nicholas B.

I was a former patient and now my son is a current patient.....we love BRAYCES!!

Noah R.

I took my son for a consultation and was just so thrilled about how we were treated and how much time was spent on all of our questions and concerns. I am so excited and have such peace about my son starting treatment here. I gave everyone a hug before I left because I was so thankful that they wanted the best for my son as much as I did and took into consideration my son as a person and wanted to learn about him and his personality before considering what the best treatment plan would be for him. Thank you so much!!!

Gabriel I.

We had our first visit today and felt immediately at home. My son is actually excited to get his braces next month!

Michelle M.

Dr. Tarby is a wonderful Orthodontist. He is currently taking care of me with my Invisalign journey and is about to work with both my children with their braces. I love the staff and doctors at BRAYCES. They are wonderful and friendly!

Kathryn S.

I love all the staff at BRAYCES! I like going to my appointments. They make me smile!

Riley M.

I love my smile! Thanks BRAYCES!


I really like BRAYCES Orthodontics! Everyone is so nice there. They always get me in right away. I don't want anyone else to make my teeth perfect but them!

Katalyna L.

I absolutely love BRAYCES! The employees are always happy to help and they know you by name! I love that when I walk in the door, they can check me in right away without having to ask my name. Dr. Bray really loves his patients and sets up cool things like a free movie showing in theaters and the rewards program. I have Invisalign from BRAYCES and I love it! I would never want to go anywhere else for my orthodontic needs.

Aiden B.

Great place for braces and Invisalign. Didn't hurt when I got my Invisalign on and most people don't know I have them.


The staff there were very funny and cool, especially Nicole. They’re so nice, it makes me comfortable the whole time.

Ryan C.

This is an awesome way to get kids excited for orthodontists!

Madeline S.

Dr. Bray is very kind, and I feel very comfortable there. People were very helpful, careful, and cheerful. I feel comfortable there, and I would recommend it to any new people in the area.

Emily D.

This is the best orthodontic practice ever! The people there are caring, sweet, and they dedicate their time to make your smile beautiful! I couldn't think of going any place else. They put a smile on my face every time that I walk in their door.