Brayces Academy

Dr. Robert James Bray and Dr. Robert J. Tarby constantly strive to maintain the best quality care for their patients. In that regard, they are very proud that they have been able to provide oral health programs in many schools in the area. The doctors and staff have heard recommendations and suggestions from many and have tried to incorporate as many of them as possible in this year’s presentations.

With 25 years experience as a dental hygienist and a Master in Science in Health Education, one of our staff has developed and implemented these programs to enhance the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards for Comprehensive Health.

We offer individual classroom presentations as well as group assemblies. The individual classroom format has been extremely popular; these can be scheduled during a timeframe when dental health will be covered by the teacher. We are offering our programs during the entire school year, not just one month.

Our School Health Coordinator is Chelsey. Programs may be scheduled by calling 646-2299 or by emailing