Are you Crazy if You Talk to Yourself?



We have many choices in this world and one life-changing choice is whether we choose to speak positive or negative. Words are powerful tools that can bring death or life. What we speak has the power to shift a circumstance, mindset and even our health.

Define it!
Negativity is defined as words that are devaluing to oneself or others.
Positivity is defined as words that bring value to oneself or others


A mother once told me that she used to say, “my children get on my nerves.” A month later, she started to have issues with her nerves. The doctors were not sure of what caused it or what to do. She decided to see if her words were the issue of her health. She stopped saying that her children were getting on her nerves and a couple weeks later she no longer had nerve pains. What we speak can affect our lives. So how can we improve our words? How can we bring more value to ourselves and those around us?



Let’s Be Positive!
1. Identify what words are devaluing to yourself and others.

2. Start speaking out loud words that bring value to yourself.

3. Speak out five things you can be thankful for every day.

4. Encourage at least one person a day with a positive comment.

There is power in the words we speak. You are NOT crazy if you talk to yourself!

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