A New Season



As the beach days are fading and the sun rays are cooling, the season starts to change. The fall season is approaching and it is time for seasons in our lives to change. This fall let’s start making more of a seasonal impact in our family, work and within ourselves. September usually starts with back to school, new jobs, new opportunities, new beginnings, and holidays. What are some ways we can make small changes to start this season off right?


When the season changes it is a great time to reflect on what you have accomplished, experienced and overcame within this season.  What were the challenges that you have overcome? What have you accomplished that you can celebrate? Share with others some experiences you had in this season that can encourage them.  Now it is time to reflect on how you can be better, what can you accomplish, and what opportunities await.  This season can be a game changer to become a better you and do greater things.


Pay it forward

This society can focus a lot on self and less on others. During the seasons to come let’s become less selfish and more selfless. What are some ways we can share love, hope, and joy to others? Who are the people in our lives that we can positively impact? It can be our children, co-workers, spouses, or friends. Love and joy are two powerful tools that can turn someone’s season of sorrow into a season of pure joy. Let’s bring life into this season by speaking positive, encouraging and helping others within our community.

Keep hope alive

This season is going from hot to now cold. There are times where we are less and less outside and more and more inside. This season can sometimes lead to depression and isolation.  Hope is what keeps us pushing forward in the tough seasons. It may not be an easy journey but with the hope of a better future, we must keep pushing forward. Encourage yourself and others to never give up the hope that the sun will shine again and your seasonal storm will soon pass. Smile when you want to frown, think positive when everyone is negative and give thanks every single day that you are alive and in a new season.

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